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Korean patchnotehistory

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Korean patchnotehistory Empty Korean patchnotehistory

Post  Gork Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:31 pm

March 30th
*Could be wrong*

- April Fool event begins; you can transform in 200 different mobs and NPC.
- You can now set App loot rights to members in the second and third party of the alliance (16-45).
- The amount of characters you can type in a whisper has been reduced by half.
- Population and size of mobs in the north of South Hammerine Wood and Numaren have been changed.

March 23th
*Could be wrong*
- Change in TB alliance party skin.
- Bug fixes.

March 16th
*Could be wrong*
- Chat crash bug fixed.
- ET mobs no longer tameable.
- Wingriders now show the flying route to their destination.
- You can set keys to your pets.
- TB items and PB armors are now indestructible.

March 9
*Could be wrong*
- Unbind cash shop item added.
- Bug when you change gears on a mount is fixed.
- New skin for the party and alliance party?
- Some new quests or some new mobs added in Numaren?

March 2nd
*Could be wrong*
- Elnir boss spawn change.
- The NPC Laon will now walk faster.
- Some changes to Healing Totem.

February 23
*Could be wrong*
- Special Korean event, Carus/Rare/Eximius basic xeons obtainable throught it.
- Some bug fixes against runtime error?
- Healing Totem and Protection Totem only affects your party/alliance

February 16
*Could be wrong*
- No new patch on the Test Server.
- 3 new costumes implemented.
- Raid reset item implemented.


Do oyur maths to check what should be coming soon xP

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